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Our Services

Frontline Resources LLC services will focus primarily on providing help secure employment for refugees & new landed immigrants to the USA.  At the same time it will enter into oil & gas subsurface project bidding to carry out studies that would optimize field development. We intend to utilize cutting-edge technology and superior manpower experience to create critical technical advantage over our competitors. This will help achieve quality reputation for FLR & its partners.  FLR services and activities include:

Technical field studies and resource evaluation


Frontline Resources LLC will undertake technical reservoir studies on both clastic and carbonate reservoirs so as to provide solutions to reservoir problems, optimize field development and improve hydrocarbon production.  This includes field-scale or focused studies to evaluate hydrocarbon in place (OOIP) & predict long term productivity of resources.  FLR also offers consultation to companies on geology & geophysics technical reviews, fit-for-purpose studies to identify & map bypassed and attic oil as well as well proposals and FDP approvals.  Partnerships with leading local & international companies will be established to permit high-level technical integration for top-class studies.

Refugees Training & Development

FLR conducts education and training for refugees & job placement in the State of Colorado & other places in the US to enable them grow and assimilate into the society & lead productive lives.  It will utilize opportunities offered by companies to have a constant flow of industry trained developees.  

Free Online Advice and Consultation

Frontline Resources LLC offers free advice and consultation through its website to students, research institutions, United Nations and other organizations for humanitarian purposes.  The objective is to contribute positively to public understanding of the subject of geoscience as it links to oil and gas industry, and its role in shaping people’s lives in today.

Technical Advisory Body

Frontline Resources LLC will look to serve as technical advisory body to members of government who are involved in various oil and gas functions.  Inform and educate the public so as to raise the level of understanding of the business.  It can assist and coordinate earth science and energy activities and programs of regional youth organizations.  Frontline Resources LLC will also liaise with other petroleum engineering and earth science organizations in joint activities relating to energy on a national and international levels.

Youth Training and Development

Frontline Resources LLC conducts education and training of young engineers and geoscientist to be able to oversee growth and future operational challenges in their respective countries.  It will utilize opportunities offered by operating companies to have a constant flow of industry trained developees.   Technical training of the young would complement their experience and hence improve their industry contribution.  There is a general concern in the petroleum industry of lack of interest from the students to take up petroleum geoscience as a subject for higher studies, thus impeding transfer of knowledge and skills to the younger staff as the baby boomer are retiring.  Frontline Resources LLC will foster initiatives such as lectures and workshops in order to encourage majors in geology, geophysics and related disciplines.  Frontline Resources LLC will establish a program called Early Engagement Initiative (EEI) whereby school and pre-college students be introduced to fundamentals of the petroleum industry.  This will help raise the level of interest in petroleum related majors and secure good inflow of workers.  The training will not be limited to technical subject, but will also include a wide range of instructions and courses in soft skills, critical thinking methods, making effective presentations, how to work in team environment and how to be an effective team player (influencer).

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Mohamed N. Bushara, PhD

At Frontline Resources LLC, we make it possible for everyone, corporations, educational institutions and NGOs to learn and use of modern technology tools in exploitation of natural resources including solid minerals and oil and gas. We foster an even and fair playing field for all people to learn and train on the science and technology of mineral industry.
Looking ahead, we are working very hard to maintain and strengthen the company locally and abroad. We hope that you and others recognize that our charity work with students, NGOs and non-profit organizations is to consciously test our technical competence to improve clients’ project quality.


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