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Key Frontline Resources LLC Strategies


Use and Acquisition of New Technology

At the beginning, Frontline Resources LLC will seek to develop strategic alliances with leading geosceince companies worldwide for technology transfer and assist in the use of their expertise, software and workflow. Workshops and facilities for periodical maintenance repair, engineering inspections and quality control of equipments.  As Frontline Resources LLC transforms into something big, it will gradually establishes its own high-tech computer facilities and workflows while retaining corporate alliances with other companies for technical exchange and community development.


In regard to training facilities and tools, Frontline Resources LLC will acquire high-end computers, software and commission international well experienced trainers to give courses and workshops on top of its own professionals.  Frontline Resources LLC will establish alliances with major institutions so that we can have their teaching and training faculty do some of the teaching at Frontline Resources LLC, or even outsource some of specialized field studies.


Relationships with Other Institutions

Establish good relationships with other organizations and institutions in the industry as well as the governments through regular interaction and information exchange, which is best way for Frontline Resources LLC to maintain consistency in its service and products.  The Strategic Plan of the Frontline Resources LLC is in a way can represent a master data repository (White Book) where data of fields are QCed, analyzed and results are channeled back the concerned institutions and companies for comparison and use. This way, Frontline Resources LLC would help creating influence on new licensing policy that suites the strategic objective of the region.


Frontline Resources LLC uses state-of-the-art technology & people’s capabilities to carry out its projects. Specialized software that provide work in areas of seismic processing & interpretation, geo-modeling, fracture modeling and reservoir simulation as well as reservoir management. In addition, based on need FLR will seek strategic alliances with leading geoscience & engineering companies worldwide for technology transfer and assist in the use of their expertise, software and modeling workflows.

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