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Welcome to FrontlineResourcesLLC


About FLR

Frontline Resources LLC (FLR) is an oil and gas service & consulting company established in 2015.  It provides smart & quick services to the industry and free consultation to students & non-profit organizations on petroleum geosciences and engineering matters.  FLR will undertake full-scale oil and gas study projects integrating geologic, seismic, well and engineering data.  Static models built from these data can be simulated to help development planning in order to bring new oil & gas into pipe.


Frontline Resources LLC in collaboration with contractors & experts will train & develop skills for refugees, landed immigrants & other under-represented groups in order to create career opportunities in various disciplines for the oil & gas industry & related businesses.  In order to ensure that clients always get superior, efficient and cost effective solutions, qualified staff will carry out study work & training in close coordination with specialized partners & Federal & State Governments.   Our work will be based on sound technical principles consistent with current technology & recognized business and engineering practices.

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